Whistleblower Film Festival

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Peter Stockton and David Burnham

Peter Stockton and David Burnham answer questions from the audience at the Whistleblower Film Festival last night.  After the showing of Silkwood, Burnham recounted his experience as the New York Times reporter waiting to meet with Karen Silkwood on the night she died. Peter Stockton was the senior investigator for the House of Representatives into the mysterious death of Karen Silkwood and the mysterious termination of the government investigations into Kerr-McGee’s falsification of safety x-rays. Stockton and Burnham also explained how they declined to have their names and likenesses portrayed in the movie.

The next movie in the Whistleblower Film Festival will be The Insider.  It will be at Room 2247 of the Rayburn House Office Building next Thursday, October 22, 2009, at 6:30 pm.  Each film is free and open to the public.  Dr. Jeffrey Wigand is scheduled to attend next week and answer questions after the film. The last film in the series will be October 29’s showing of The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers at the Capitol Visitors Center.

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The Whistleblower Film Festival has made a change for this Thursday’s presentation.  On October 8, 2009, Public Citizen will present The Whistleblower, a documentary about Charles “Chuck” Hamel, the management consultant who blew the whistle on big oil in Alaska. He found himself the target of an undercover sting that threatened the lives of Hamel’s