In an order posted today on the its website, the U.S. Supreme Court announced that it will not be hearing the Murphy v. IRS appeal. Although this is a disappointing turn of events, whistleblower and civil rights advocates should continue the fight for tax justice, both in other judicial venues, and in the halls of Congress.  

In response to the news, the National Whistleblower Center put out the following press release:

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Attorneys working with the National Whistleblower Center have filed the reply brief in response to the Solicitor General’s brief regarding whether certiorari should be granted in a key Whistleblower/Civil Rights tax case that was filed with the Supreme Court by attorneys. The case is Murphy v. IRS, No. 07-802 (Supreme Court).

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The principal issue is whether the IRS can tax as “income” plaintiffs’ court awards for non-physical compensatory damages, such as “make whole” awards for emotional distress and loss of reputation.
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