FBI whistleblower Dr. Frederic Whitehurst issued a letter today strongly opposing the repeal of FBI whistleblower rights contained in the current Senate version of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (S. 372). This bill is currently being “hotlined” in the Senate, a process by which legislation can be passed by unanimous consent, without any formal debate or vote.
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photo credit: Jeff Wheeler, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

By: Jane Turner

I find that the most amazing part of being an FBI whistleblower is watching while FBI managers who are directly involved in misconduct, malfeasance, obstruction, or criminal activity–which whistleblowers bring to light–are rewarded, promoted, and/or given bonuses. The Director of the FBI did not even have the common courtesy to exile the

Jane Turner -- photo credit: Jeff Wheeler, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

By: Jane Turner

It is interesting that people think the whistleblowing ordeal is over once a whistleblower has been exonerated. It is never over. A whistleblower’s career is shattered, and the tag of “troublemaker”, “unpatriotic”, “snitch” or “whistleblower” follows you forever. Why? Because the organization that you blow the whistle on (in

Jane Turner -- Credit: Jeff Wheeler, Minneapolis Star-Tribune


The Whistleblower Protection Blog is proud to present an ongoing series of blog posts by FBI whistleblower Jane Turner. Ms. Turner was a highly respected FBI Agent for 25 years. She worked the “indian country” of South Dakota and specialized in child-crimes, investigating the most heinous offenses imaginable. Despite near-impossible circumstances, Ms. Turner obtained