We are pleased to welcome the Fall 2012 class of interns who are arriving today to help us serve whistleblowers and their cause.

Pictured here are (standing) Pia, Chioma, Chad, Karima, Ricardo, Carolyn, Carson and Nick, and (seated) Megan, Ashley, Garrett and Naomi.

Thank you all for dedicating this Fall semester to helping us, and

With the change of seasons comes another class of interns.  This summer, we are pleased to have a large group of law students, and some undergraduates, who have devoted themselves to learn about whistleblower advocacy.  Pictured here are Adrian, Jane, Nate, James, Barrett, Julia, Sehra, Samantha, Abisola, Lauren, Adam, Andy, Bassim, Matt, Amber, Vicki, Simon,

Today’s Occupy EPA and NOW DC rally went off with a bang!

An eclectic crowd of whistleblower supporters, environmental protectors, and Occupy supporters marched today starting from Franklin Square Park and ending at the EPA offices. Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, a member of the National Whistleblowers Center Board of Directors, enthusiastically led the rally.

Following Dr. Coleman-Adebayo’s lead, the rally attendees blew whistles in front of the EPA offices and chanted, “Hey hey! No fear! You can blow the whistle ‘cause we are here!” This statement was in response to the chilling effect that retaliation against whistleblowers has had at the EPA.

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Our work for whistleblowers benefits indispensably from the work of generous and dedicated interns. Here is our intern class for the Spring semester of 2012.  Standing are Dasha, Kelly, Lauren, Jerry, James and Nicole. Seated are Chris, Kara, Nora and Monique.  Thank you all.


We are so thankful to have the services this Summer from this fine group of interns:

NWC Interns 2011 summer

Pictured here, from the left, are Emily, Michael, Zach, Ramina, Anna, Shawn, Dasha, Adam and Cho.  Not pictured: Danielle, Daniel, Parth, Andrew, Lillian and Sara.

Thank you, interns.  If you are interested in being a future intern with us

Springtime in Washington means cherry blossoms and new interns. We are pleased to have the dedicated assistance of this fine group of interns for the Spring semester:

Pictured here are (standing, from the left), Ryan, Milan, Christoffer, Scott, Luis, Jesse, Jonathan, Shane; and (seated, from the left), Julia, Karen, Estelle Kohn (Deputy Director of the

We are pleased to have even more interns joining us this semester. You can see our first group of interns (who are still with us) here.

NWC interns 2011-01-26

 Standing are Christopher, Jesse, David, David, Zach, Shane, Milan and Naoki. Seated are Sabeen, Karen, Ryan, Sabrina and Whitney.

Thank you all for your dedication to our cause.

The National Whistleblowers Center received a new group of interns today.  They arrived with marked enthusiasm to help individuals and the common good.  Here they are:

NWC interns 2011-01-05

In the top row are David, Sabrina, Whitney and Zach. Seated are Katie, Andrew and Sabeen.  Welcome and thank you for your decision to work with us.

The warmer summer days here in Georgetown bring us a new class of interns.  I am pleased to share this photo of our 2010 NWC Summer Interns:


Pictured here are (top row): Will, Harsh, Arthur, Josh and Nate; (middle) Gregory and TJ; (front) Kevin, Emily, Ri, Liz and Diane.  Not pictured: Margot, Phil and