Whistleblowers have succeeded in a $1.5 billion off-label marketing case against Abbott Laboratories Inc., the Department of Justice announced today. Combined, the $700 million criminal fines and $800 million civil fines are the second largest government recovery from a drug company in history.

The Department of Justice intervened after four whistleblowers filed suit against

The Oregon legislature is debating a bill which would protect from retaliation any hospital employee who reports misconduct that he/she believes is a violation of law, policy, or professional standards. Under current Oregon law, nurses already enjoy these protections Senate Bill 237 would extend these protections to all hospital staff.
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As part of the anti-fraud provisions of the health care legislation passed yesterday, Congress strengthened the False Claims Act – one of the most effective whistleblower laws in the United States – in order to ensure that whistleblowers can expose fraud under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
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