The story of FBI whistleblower Theresa Foley is distasteful and sordid – one too often told when speaking of FBI whistleblowers. 

Theresa Foley is no shrinking violet. She came from a law enforcement family and was a DEA support employee before joining the FBI in 2000. In 2003, Theresa volunteered for Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (aka GTMO), Cuba, which contained a military prison where FBI agents participated in the interrogations of detainees from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Theresa was the only full-time female FBI agent. After arriving at GTMO, she was given a rat-infested dwelling, while male agents had cleaner and better housing (many at Navy lodges or base houses). Theresa’s dwelling had previously been a party “hooch,” and food, dirty dishes, and soiled furnishings were everywhere.  There was an overwhelming stench, and rat feces and urine were visible throughout the rooms. The first night Theresa spent at the dwelling was a long one, and she slept poorly. She kept hearing rats running in the ceiling and in the walls and the mattress was full of fleas. Each time she finally fell asleep, she was re-awoken by another rat or fleabite. Continue Reading The FBI is Waiting for Special Agent Theresa Foley to Die

We cannot allow the reputation of a distinguished soldier to be destroyed because he defended the constitution that so many of our men and women have died to protect. Please take a few minutes before you head out to attend a Memorial Day parade or picnic to send a letter in support of Lt. Col. Vandeveld and forward it to your friends and family.
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In its March issue, Harpers Magazine challenges the official and widely reported story that three prisoners being held in Guantanamo Bay committed suicide in an act of “asymmetrical warfare.” The article, written by Scott Horton, is based largely on observations of whistleblower Joe Hickman, the highly decorated Staff Sergeant who was on duty as the guard for Camp America’s exterior security force the night the “suicides” occurred.
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