Bunny Greenhouse testifies

When the Iraq was was about to begin, Bunny Greenhouse alone challenged the legality of awarding no-bid, no-compete, cost plus contract to Haliburton. The Army swiftly retaliated and she lost her career and position as the Army Corps of Engineers top procurement executive. Today Bunny spoke out against S.732, the Senate’s version of a Whistleblower

Bunny Greenhouse testifies

Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) is retiring this year, after 30 years in Congress. Sen. Dorgan served as Chairman of the Senate Democratic Policy Committee (DPC). In an address on the Senate floor last week, he reviewed the Committee’s hearings on contracting waste, fraud and corruption in Iraq and Afghanistan. He recalled the testimony of my

Portrait of Two WomenArtist Marcia Annenberg was so inspired by the story of Army whistleblower Bunny Greenhouse that she has included a portrait of Greenhouse in a recent painting. "You are my hero," Annenberg says in a letter to Greenhouse. "Your compelling story is woven into my painting, ‘Portrait of Two Women.’"  Bunny Greenhouse was the top

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Voice of America (VOA) has released a YouTube video featuring interviews with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers whistleblower Bunny Greenhouse, her lawyer Michael D. Kohn.  Produced by the VOA’s Nico Colombant, the video is six minutes, 36 seconds, long and is called Whistleblowers United for Justice.  It presents excerpts of Bunny Greenhouse’s testimony to Congress