Protections Expanded to Workers Who Expose Safety Defects in Imported Consumer Products and Violations of the Consumer Products Safety Act and the Hazardous Substances Acts


Washington, D.C. November 8, 2008.  The National Whistleblower Center is sponsoring the first training seminar covering the newly enacted whistleblower protection provisions of the Consumer Product Safety Act

Today, with a stroke of his pen, President Bush ensured that over 20 million private sector employees would be protected when they report unsafe consumer goods. The protections are part of a bill that constitutes an overhaul of the Consumer Product Safety Reform Commission and places tough new regulations on manufacturers.

After hammering out

It’s been a week since our last post, and a lot has happened in the world of whistleblower protection since then. Here are some of the high (and low) lights:

  • ITS OFFICIAL! The CPSC Reform Act (HR.4040/S.2663) will contain strong whistleblower protections for private sector employees who report safety violations to their managers or through

Although the House/Senate conference committee has yet to issue its official conference report, many news outlets are now reporting that the final language has been approved, and that whistleblower protections for private sector manufacturing employees  will be included in the final version of the Consumer Product Safety Commission Reform Act (HR.4040)!

If these reports are