Last week, I blogged about the recent critical GAO report which found that Congress and the Administration have not done enough to implement oversight of the $700 corporate bailout bill that was passed in October. Well, after weeks of foot-dragging, the Senate has finally voted to appoint former New York Prosecutor Neil Barofsky to the position of

In September, as Congress was racing to put together the Wall Street bailout legislation, the National Whistleblower Center was calling for whistleblower protections to be added to the bill. Despite their efforts, Congress did not listen. They authorized the Administration to distribute $700 Billion of taxpayer money, but refused to protect employee whistleblowers who

 As you know, Congress is about to vote on a bailout bill for the financial
 sector. Whether you support this bill or not, we ask that you immediately  call your Senators and demand that strong whistleblower protections be  included in the bill because if we had meaningful whistleblower protection  we probably wouldn’t be in the