International tips are crucial to the SEC’s law enforcement capabilities. From 2011 to 2017, the SEC received a total of 2,655 whistleblowers from 113 countries. This map shows the countries as well as the frequency of those tips.

Washington, D.C. August 30, 2018. Today, the National Whistleblower Center (“NWC”) released a report analyzing data from Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (“FCPA”) cases since the law was passed in 1977, including several cases decided in 2018.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is one of the most important whistleblower laws, especially for foreign nationals and for combatting corruption and bribery occurring on foreign soil. The FCPA prohibits companies issuing stock in the U.S. – and their subsidiaries – from bribing foreign officials to win contracts and other business.

Foreign-corrupt-practice-act-pdf-how-the-whistleblower-reward-provisions-have-workedThe NWC report reveals that successful Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) prosecutions are on the rise, in terms of quantity and value of the imposed sanctions. Moreover, the FCPA is proving effective in addressing corruption beyond U.S. borders. The data illustrates a true success story of the US protecting its domestic market through appropriate and effective law enforcement authority on the world stage. It also found that whistleblowers are a critical part to ensuring the success of whistleblower incentive laws like the FCPA.

Interested in learning more? You can read National Whistleblower’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: How the Whistleblower Reward Provisions Have Worked. 

The three-part document explores the following:

Part 1:

  • Who is entitled to a financial reward for exposing the corruption?
  • Are foreign nationals entitled to a financial reward?
  • Where is the global jurisdiction for filing a case?
  • What are the procedures for filing a case?
  • How do incentivizing whistleblowers eliminate corruption?
  • What are the unwanted concerns when blowing the whistle?
  • How the National Whistleblower Center support FCPA Whistleblowers?

Part 2:

  • Explores the data given by SEC and DOJ.
  • Shows the frequency of international whistleblower tips received.
  • The top locations that the bribes are received internationally.
  • Explores the data for FCPA in Europe.

Part 3: 

  • Assert the importance of whistleblowers in the elimination of corruption.
  • Snapshot of 2018 whistleblower SEC cases.
  • Conclusion