judge-gavel-law-bookThe Trump Administration has signed the Whistleblower Protection Coordination Act (S. 1869) into law, permanently reauthorizing the Whistleblower Protection Coordinator position in all federal agencies’ Office of the Inspector General (OIG).

Special Counsel Henry Kerner stated: “This an important step to ensure whistleblowers who disclose waste, fraud, and abuse know their rights and are protected.”

The position, previously called the Whistleblower Protection Ombudsman, is charged with educating federal employees about their rights and pathways to reporting, and in assisting the OIG after a whistleblower complaint has been filed by coordinating with the relevant agencies.

This is a positive move for the Administration, which has historically taken a hostile stance toward “leakers” and whistleblowers. With the reauthorization of this key position in all OIGs, the hope is that whistleblowers will be better informed of their rights and have a greater understanding of how to report information without the threat of retaliation.