The National Whistleblower Center held a training seminar today for a group of female Afghan Members of Parliament. The training was part of the NWC’s outreach to improve protection for whistleblowers globally and was sponsored by the International Visitor Leadership Program of the U. S. State Department. The training took place in Washington, D.C. The goal of this session was to strengthen the capacities of Afghan women Parliamentarians who have been spearheading transparency and good governance efforts in their country.

The NWC presented information on advocacy, education, assistance for whistleblowers, and efforts to make the public and policymakers more aware of the need for whistleblower protections and their importance in the fight against corruption.

The NWC often works with anti-corruption activist and dedicated governments officials worldwide to help build effective anti-corruption programs as part of its global outreach to international whistleblowers. Through its International Anti-Corruption Campaign, the NWC has trained anti-corruption activist and government leaders from many countries including, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Poland, Israel, South Korea, Egypt, India, Japan, Indonesia, Kuwait, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Yemen and many more.

The Parliament members hope to reduce and eliminate corruption in Afghanistan. They are all members of the Parliamentary Anti-Corruption Caucus in Afghanistan and all happen to be women, adding to the difficult nature of their work in a heavily male-dominated society.

Today’s training was timed to coincide with the upcoming International Anti-Corruption Day, on Wednesday, December 9, 2015. More information about the National Whistleblower Center’s International Anti-Corruption Campaign will be posted in the next few days.

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