SEC Investigation into overly restrictive non-disclosure agreements was triggered by complaint filed by former KBR Contractor Harry Barko

Washington, D.C. , 2015.  April 1, 2015.  Today the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission sanctioned defense contractor KBR for requiring its employees to sign restrictive non-disclosure agreements that prohibited employees from properly reporting fraud and misconduct to appropriate regulatory authorities.  A copy of the SEC release on this matter, and the SEC’s enforcement action are linked.

The SEC investigation was triggered by a complaint filed by Kohn Kohn & Colapinto on behalf of a former KBR employee, Mr. Harry Barko.  Read a copy of the KKC’s February 19, 2014 complaint.

Mr. Barko’s attorney, Stephen M. Kohn, issued the following statement:

“This is an historic day for whistleblowers. Corporations have a history of silencing employees by forcing them to sign highly restrictive non-disclosure agreements.  Today’s action by the SEC signals the advancement of nation-wide corporate reform.  Transparency has triumphed over censorship.”