Bradley Birkenfeld
Bradley Birkenfeld, a former UBS banker, was awarded $104 million for bringing information to the IRS about tax evasion strategies at the Swiss bank.

Yesterday The New York Times ran a nice article on the growing support for whistleblower programs as a means to ensure corporate accountability.  Below is an excerpt and a link:

“The embrace of whistle-blowers is not limited to false claims. The I.R.S. has ramped up its program on tax cheats, and awarded one of the biggest whistle-blower payouts of $104 million award in 2012 to Bradley C. Birkenfeld after he disclosed how Swiss banks helped Americans hide assets in secret accounts. His case also illustrates the pitfalls of being a whistle-blower as he served nearly two and a half years in prison for his role in tax evasion schemes.”

Tattletales Embraced as Whistle-Blower Programs Gain Support
By Peter J. Henning, DECEMBER 1, 2014.

Also of interest is this article from 2012:

A Strategy of Tattletales at the I.R.S.
By Victor Fleischer, SEPTEMBER 20, 2012