A whistleblower at the National Park Service, Robert Danno, has settled his whistleblower retaliation case.  Mr. Danno, a decorated 30-year Park Ranger, had his career stunted after objecting to the destruction of tress just to give Redskins owner Dan Snyder a better view of the Potomac River from his luxury home in Maryland.  

Last April Mr. Danno discussed his case on Honesty Without Fear, the NWC’s former radio program. Mr. Danno explained what happened to him after he filed a complaint about the illegal tree cutting to the Department of Interior Inspector General.  He was removed from his position as chief ranger for the C & O Canal park; stripped of the authority to carry a gun; accused of theft, leading to criminal charges (of which he was acquitted); reassigned to issue picnic permits in a park in Northern Virginia with four picnic tables; and continuously threatened with termination.

According to an article in The Washington Post, as part of the settlement Mr. Danno was given a new job with the NPS. He will work as a division chief for wilderness planning at the Park Service’s wilderness training center in Missoula, Montana.