The whistleblower documentary Top Priority: The Terror Within makes it east coast premiere at the IFC Film Center in New York City tomorrow, June 29th. It will be playing in NYC through July 5th and then will be showing at Laemmle NoHo Theatre in North Hollywood, California from July 13th through July 19th.

Top Priority: The Terror Within
documents the true-life story of national security whistleblower and anti-terrorism/immigration expert, Julia Davis. Julia Davis served as a former Customs and Border Protection Officer at the San Ysidro Port of Entry – the largest and busiest land border crossing in the U.S. and in the world. While working at the border, she exposed glaring shortcomings in the processing of applicants for admission into U.S. from terrorist countries. In response, she filed a report with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task force detailing the Department of Homeland Security’s failure to properly protect the U.S. from potential threats to national security. Instead of conducting an investigation and praising Ms. Davis for her hard work and diligence, the DHS labeled her as a “Domestic Terrorist”. In return for standing up for the security and safety of the American people, Ms Davis was thrust into a never-ending nightmare filled with unprecedented levels of retaliation against her, her family and witnesses.

Fifty-four investigations were carried out, in an attempt to discredit and silence Julia. Investigations included warrantless aerial surveillance, OnStar tracking, internet monitoring, and warrantless searches and seizures. Much like a scene from an action movie, the DHS even staged a raid on the Davis’ home with a Blackhawk helicopter and a Special Response Team. For a first hand account of Ms Davis’ experience, listen to her May 22nd interview on the NWC radio show Honesty Without Fear.

Top Priority: The Terror Within exposes the details of Julia Davis’ heart wrenching journey to prevail against the DHS. It shed lights on her outstanding act of patriotism, her whirlwind experience with corruption, retaliation, imprisonment, loss and finally redemption.

Moviehole critic Phoebe Gallagher stated, “A remarkable film that will make you question your leaders.” You can share your thoughts about the film in the comments below.

*Abisola Objikutu (a NWC intern) drafted this posting