The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) mission is to protect and promote the health and safety of all Americans. Scientists at the FDA have the critical role of ensuring that the FDA fulfills this mission. Unfortunately, when scientists and researchers put the said health and safety of Americans before corporate interests, they are met with brutal retaliation. 

Over the past two years, distinguished FDA scientists and physicians have disclosed to Congress that managers have used intimidating and coercive tactics to push the approval of unsafe and defective medical devices. These approvals, based on illegitimate procedures and data, have led to unnecessary risks, cancers, and even death. The health and safety of millions is on the line. 

In the forefront of this, a 23-year veteran medical doctor and Ph.D scientist at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is on the verge of losing her job. She blew the whistle to Congress in order to protect our health and safety, threatening her whole career. 

FDA employees should not be afraid to speak up about misconduct. The National Whistleblowers Center encourages everyone to TAKE ACTION now! 

Please visit this Action Alert to send messages to a panel of recipients at the FDA. The culture at the FDA needs to undergo drastic changes and it is up to US to make this happen. 

This American hero should not be fired.

*Sabeen Khanmohamed (a NWC intern) contributed to this posting