Today, the National Whistleblowers Center released a letter sent to the House and Senate sponsors of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act, calling for the elimination of a poison pill inserted into the Senate version of the bill (S. 372). S. 372 cleared the Senate on Friday by unanimous consent and could be voted on by the House this week.

The NWC is urging citizens to TAKE ACTION and demand that the House fix the problems in S. 372 before they pass it.

In the letter, the National Whistleblowers Center stated:

“Although we have other concerns with S. 372, the Congressional reversal of the Drake decision will constitute a tragic setback for taxpayers.  It will have significant adverse consequences on the ability of employees to report violations of law and political corruption.   We understand that those in high-ranking political offices are reluctant to support whistleblowers, but stripping employees of their current right to blow the whistle on any violation of law is simply intolerable.”

In the Drake decision, the Federal Circuit reaffirmed the right of federal employees to blow the whistle on any violation of law.  The poison pill inserted into S. 372 reverses the Drake decision.

The NWC, along with the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition and the Federal Ethics Center had previously issued a statement calling S. 372 a “bad deal” for whistleblowers.