Bunny Greenhouse testifies

When the Iraq was was about to begin, Bunny Greenhouse alone challenged the legality of awarding no-bid, no-compete, cost plus contract to Haliburton. The Army swiftly retaliated and she lost her career and position as the Army Corps of Engineers top procurement executive. Today Bunny spoke out against S.732, the Senate’s version of a Whistleblower Enhancement Act, asking the House to ensure that the "poisons pills packed into S.732" be removed instead of passing the bill in its current state. Bunny would be one of the first beneficiaries if a whistleblower enhancement bill were passed because she can still bring that claim. But Bunny realizes that "the Senate’s version of this bill treats whistleblowers as second-class citizens, rolls back some existing protections and leaves national security whistleblowers out in the cold." Congress needs to deliver a meaningful whistleblower bill Bunny Greenhouse and all of the nation’s federal workforce deserve – one that doesn’t treat whistlebowers as second-class citizens or that rolls-back existing protections.

You can join Bunny Greenhouse in taking action to urge the House of Representatives to correct the flaws in S. 372.