Khaled Said posted video to the internet that showed police officers in Egypt sharing profits from a drug deal. On Monday, Neal Ungerleider of True/Slant has posted a translation of Arabic-language article from Al-Shorouk. The article describes how two informants came to an internet cafe in Alexandria, Egypt, and called for all patrons to show identification under emergency law. Mr. Said refused, and the first perpetrator (Mahmoud al-Falah) promptly tied his hands.  Mr. Said resisted, and the informants beat him and dragged him to another building. Witnesses with cameras followed Mr. Said as he was beaten, taken to a police station, and within 15 minutes dumped into the street. His body had a broken jaw, mangled ribs and a cracked skull. Demonstrators in Alexandria and Cairo protested Mr. Said’s torture and killing. His Facebook memorial page has drawn over 100,000 members. The Egyptian government has failed to call for prosecution of the perpetrators.  Egyptian blogger travellerwithin has reported on one demonstration as follows:

According to the respected Al-Nadeem Centre for the Rehabilitation of victims of violence and torture, a Thursday 70-person strong demonstration by the Sidi Gaber police station in Alexandria – where Khaled died – ended in the police beating up the demonstrators and arrested 11 persons, including two journalists and Khaled’s female cousin.