Another Reason FBI Whistleblower Protections Should Not Be Weakened
The Washington Post and Associated Press are reporting that the Department of Justice failed to properly review more than 100 criminal cases that were prosecuted in the District of Columbia and which were suspected of being tainted by false forensic evidence from the FBI crime lab. These cases were ordered reviewed because in 1997 the DOJ Inspector General verified whistleblower allegations by Dr. Frederic Whitehurst about serious misconduct at the FBI lab.

Photo: Dr. Whitehurst

In December 2009, Donald Gates, an innocent man, who spent 28 years in jail after being convicted for crimes he did not commit, was set free by D.C. Superior Court after DNA testing confirmed that forensic testimony presented in court by FBI analyst Michael Malone was false. On the basis of Malone’s fabricated tests and false testimony Gates was wrongfully convicted of rape and murder.

Gates’ case was on a list of cases ordered to be reviewed following the DOJ IG’s report verifying Whitehurst’s whistleblower allegations. Notably, Whitehurst specifically blew the whistle on Michael Malone, who the IG confirmed deliberately lied and falsified evidence in the judicial inquiry brought against Alcee Hastings (then a sitting federal judge and now a member of Congress). As a result of verifying that Malone lied in the Hastings case, the DOJ decided to conduct a review of all of Malone’s cases.

However, Gates’ case was not properly reviewed by DOJ and he continued to sit in jail until December 2009 when new DNA testing confirmed that he could not have committed the crime for which he had been convicted.

This is another reason why FBI whistleblower protections should not be weakened as proposed by the Senate in S. 372 and reported last week in Politico.

But for Whitehurst blowing the whistle on Malone, the FBI lab analyst who lied in this case, Gates’ case never would have been reviewed and he likely would still be in jail. When efforts were made by Gates’ attorneys in 2008 to seek new DNA testing they were able to persuade the judge to order that test because the IG had verified Whitehurst’s allegations against Malone in the 1997 IG report. Had Whitehurst not come forward nobody would ever have looked at Gates’ case or anyone else’s case handled by the FBI crime lab. Gates would still be sitting in jail even though he is an innocent man.

By weakening FBI whistleblower protections to permit the FBI to investigate and adjudicate whistleblower retaliation claims by its own employees and agents, the Senate is ensuring that nobody will blow the whistle on misconduct at the FBI. If you want to know the consequences of that, go ask Donald Gates.

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