I had the pleasure this evening of speaking to Prof. Jane Uebelhoer’s business ethics class at Marymount University in Ballston, Virginia, this evening.  The class was inquisitive, and we had a wide ranging discussion about the history of whistleblower protections, current controversies and the need for new legislation.  They were surprised to learn that our nation’s patchwork of whistleblower laws still has gaping holes where there is no protection for whistleblowers, such as in health care.  I was pleased to learn that the class had such a ready consensus that every American should have access to a jury trial if they are fired for reporting any type of illegality.  Hopefully, they will soon all join the National Whistleblowers Center’s Action Alert network. I thank Prof. Uebelhoer and student leader Samuel Papkin for inviting me to this promising class. Here is my photo of Marymount University’s Ethical Issues in Business and Society class of 2010:

Ethical Issues in Business and Society class at Marymount University