I am happy to say that we have received another significant endorsement for federal employee whistleblower protections. The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association has issued a statement in support of the Whistleblower provisions passed by the House of Representatives in the Economic Stimulus package last week, and is urging the Senate to pass the bill with the whistleblower provisions intact. Further, FLEOA is calling on President Obama to enact an executive order which would restore the careers of Law Enforcement Officers (including counterterrorism agents) who have had their careers destroyed after blowing the whistle.

Jon Adler, the National President of FLEOA had this to say about the retroactive protections:

“After abiding by their oath to uphold the laws of the Constitution, this small select group of federal law enforcement and counter-terrorism agents suffered unwarranted retaliation due to the ineffective and outdated federal Whistleblower Protection Act currently in effect.”