Back in May I blogged about the disgrace that has become the Office of Special Counsel. At that time the head of the OSC, Scott Bloch, had his home and office raided by FBI agents in an obstruction of justice probe.

Now, more trouble is brewing at OSC. On Saturday, Bloch’s Deputy Special Counsel Jim Byrne resigned, and in his resignation letter skewered Bloch, saying:

"Upon my departure, I am obligated to note that the mission, independence, and very existence of the Office of Special Counsel are–and shall remain–at risk unless and until this agency is afforded a presidentially appointed, senate confirmed leader who is capable of putting OSC’s mission and OSC’s people ahead of political agendas and personal vendettas."

The Washington Times and POGO’s blog carried reports on this issue last week.

NPR also has a related story, reporting that President Bush has so far refused fire Bloch, although he has been counseled to do so by senior advisers.